Improve Website and Traffic Acquisition

Our client is a mid-sized law firm specializing in personal injury.


They work in a competitive category with many players and it’s difficult to differentiate offerings.

The Challenges

1. Sub-par website. Not easy for clients to quickly book an appointment. 

2. Very limited social media presence with minimal content.

3. Search was okay, but lots of room for growth.

The Solution

1. Optimize the website with a fresh re-brand. Built on a custom CMS with with a secure hosting service.


2. Build out social media channels with a regular content  cadence.


3. Improve search presence through link building, blogging, local SEO, and paid media.

Key Tactics

Website Rebuild


Social Media

Digital Audit

The Results

After 8 months the client is seeing strong results.
Here are some highlights.

35% Lift In Search Traffic

more visitors coming to the website

15% Increase in Web Captures

more visitors are becoming clients

More Engaged Social Community

social audience is growing and connecting

More Cohesive Brand

all brand elements are working in sync

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