Supercharge the existing demand generation program

Our client is a market leader in transportation and shipping. They’ve been around for decades and business has changed dramatically in that time.

They have a good program in place to create awareness and attract leads, but there’s lots that could be done better.

The Challenges

1. Creating lots of awareness with content marketing, but not converting leads into customers.

2. Spending a lot of money with blurry ROI.

3. Lacking on measurement and accountability.

The Solution

1. Take over production of their existing podcast and bring it to the next level.

2. Leverage high profile to create much more thought-leadership content.

3. Use social media strategically to push messaging out further.

Select Tactics

Content Cascade

Chop up and deploy content much more strategically. Use unconventional platforms like TikTok and IG Reels to reach buyers where they are.

Brand Podcast

Elevate the podcast with a celebrity host and notable guests. Move it up the charts with consistent output and listener feedback.

Virtual Events

Deploy key content in live, virtual settings to better engage the public and speak 1:1 with target customers.

Social Formats

Expand and enhance all the formats being used on social media to tell the brand story in the language of the platform.

The Results

We’ve been working with this client for 2+years and the results improve each and every month.
Here are some highlights.

Top 20 Podcast

Our client's podcast immediately jumped up the charts and became a brand staple, after years of lagging.

300 leads / month

Consistent quality leads coming in each month, across various demand generation activities.

Faster Close Rate

Sales execs reported that several prospects "on-the-fence" closed deals faster than expected.

Budget Savings

More use out of every piece of content, leading to real savings for our client.

Stop chasing leads. Start attracting buyers.

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