Update the Marketing Stack

Our client is a family-owned automotive recycling yard that’s been around for 40 years.


They’ve built a successful business but now need to modernize how they attract new customers.

The Challenges

1. Outdated website with no call to action

2. Limited social media presence

3. Little organic traffic coming to website

The Solution

1. Optimize the website with a fresh re-brand. Built on a custom CMS with with a secure hosting service.

2. Build out key social media channels with a regular content  schedule.

3. Develop search engine strategy to drive organic and paid traffic to the website.

Key Tactics

Brand Strategy


Website Rebuild

Social Strategy

The Results

After 6 months the client is seeing strong results.
Here are some highlights.

18% Lift In Search Traffic

more visitors coming to the website

More Engaged Social Community

social audience is growing and connecting

22% Increase in Web Captures

more visitors are becoming clients

Modernized Brand

ready for the next 40 years

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The Silicon Valley Playbook

Different companies, similar strategies

Buying patterns have changed dramatically in the last decade.

Your strategy must adapt too. Explore how we've helped companies across very different industries achieve one goal:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients does DemandScope serve?

Our clients range from technology firms to industrial manufacturers to law firms to insurance companies and beyond. They are generally large businesses serving clients nationally.

What is DS360?

It's our proprietary framework to develop and scale your client acquisition / demand generation. It's all turnkey. Demand-as-a-Service. Simple as that.

We already do demand generation. Can DemandScope still help us?

Absolutely. Many of our clients already have marketing programs in place. The DS360 framework can work from scratch, or it can integrate to augment what you're already doing.

Where can I find pricing?

Budgets vary between clients as the needs of each client is quite different. But our engagements typically start at $12,500/mth.

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© DemandScope.co 2022

We’re part of the Influicity family along with Mixxable and CreatorMix.