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Seriously though, performance marketing does work. Google, Facebook, TikTok. All of them.

They can send tons of prospective customers to your site.

The problem is what happens when they get there.

Are they buying? Or bouncing?

Handing you their cold hard cash? Or burning through your ad budget?

If it's the second - here's the reason why:

You're making it too hard for them to buy the thing you're selling.

It's that simple. And it's a big problem. Huge actually.

Because they were ready to make a purchase. They wouldn't have clicked otherwise.

And now they're gone. Ghosted. Goodbye. And your potential sale goes up in a puff of smoke.

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You want to know why it's called Click to Customer? Here's why:

Because clicks don't matter at all. They're just a drug that your agency pops to make you feel good. But clicks without customers only makes things worse. It's burning your ad budget without bulking up your bank account.

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The strategic approach at DemandScope has helped me to quickly engage with more people. And ultimately, win more clients.
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Real Estate Professional

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